Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ: When will the third quarter benefit statements be mailed.

ANSWER: The BEN 118 Statements will be mailed in early November.

FAQ:  When will the 2019 Rate Determination be issued?

ANSWER:  IDES is scheduled to mail all rate determination on 12-1-2018.  Employers can also get the rate determination on December 1, 2018, on MyTax Illinois.

FAQ: Do I need to file a monthly wage report? 

ANSWER: Yes, all employers with more than 25 W-2s need to file monthly wage reports at MyTax Illinois.

FAQ: Do the monthly and quarterly wage reports need to be filed electronically?

ANSWER: Yes, all monthly and quarterly reports for employers with more than 25 W-2s must be filed electronically at MyTax Illinois.

FAQ: What is the maximum unemployment weekly benefit amount in Illinois for 2018?

Single:    $458.00
With a dependent spouse:  $545.00
With a dependent child/children:      $627.00

FAQ: What is the taxable wage base for 2018?

ANSWER: $12,960.00

FAQ: What is the maximum unemployment rate for 2018?

ANSWER: 6.925%

FAQ: What is the minimum unemployment rate for 2018?

ANSWER: 0.525%

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